New Greener Option For Drinking Reed Straw - Creative Use Of Reed Poles

New Greener Option For Drinking Reed Straw - Creative Use Of Reed Poles

Earth is a wonderful place to live on, but to make sure our future generation will get to enjoy this beautiful planet, we must make changes. One of the simplest ways to begin caring for our world and reducing your ecological impact is to prohibit the use of single-use plastics such as plastic straws. Curious about what you can do to help the environment without sacrificing quality of life? We introduce you the 100% natural reed straws.


“From their first appearance going back to ancient Mesopotamia where Sumerians sucked in beer with straws made of gold and lapis lazuli, to today’s decidedly less glamorous and durable single-use straws, the plastic straw has become another symbol of our painfully destructive, throwaway culture.”

Plastic straw is one of the major causes of climate change and environmental degradation. More than 10 billion plastic straws have been found floating in the ocean. Plastic straws pollute our oceans, kill sea biodiversity and ecosystems. McDonald’s, the world largest fast food retailer, and Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain corporation, both advocated not actively providing plastic straws in 2018. Plastic straws must be restricted because land and sea animals cannot stop eating plastic. One possible explanation is that animal confuse plastics for food.


Reed straws a simple substitute for plastic straws, and they are quickly adopted by large fast-food companies and restaurants all over the world due to their low cost of production. Our natural reed straws are an excellent substitute for single-use plastic straws because they are 100% biodegradable.


The common reed is the tallest and most productive grass species in Estonia. It is frequently seen growing near bodies of water, in marshes, and on the outskirts of boglands. Estonia contains around 26,000 hectares of reed beds, whereas the overall area in the Baltic Sea region surpasses 300,000 hectares.


Reed, as a raw material, is a plentiful, rapidly renewing source material with outstanding functional qualities. Reed is still employed in the construction of roofs and walls, as thermal insulation, and simple as much. Reusable reed drinking straws and an unique raw material for manufacturing items can now be added to this list. After peeling, pruning, washing, and sanitizing the reed, it may be transformed into natural straw, which is both ecologically benign and aesthetically pleasing. A single reed produces enough material for two reusable drinking straws on average. The rest of the plant is converted into a reed-cased substance that is used to make plates, ornamental panels, and other items.


5 Reasons Why You Should Use Reed Straws

• Reed straws are made of renewable raw materials.

• Reed straws are biodegradable and sustainable straws are recyclable.

• Reed straws benefit your health, you no longer have to be concerned about dangerous chemicals pouring into your beverages!

• Don’t get soggy before you have to finish your drink.

• Reed straws are less expensive than plastic straws.

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