How Indigenous Populations Encourage Sustainable Development

How Indigenous Populations Encourage Sustainable Development

The latest news has revealed the survival status and government policies towards indigenous population for decades. As the years go on, these populations and communities are being forced out of their habitats so governments, states and cities can build up their areas more. Here at Ecoday, we want to educate you on why this shouldn’t be happening and how we can learn from them when it comes to sustainable development.

Indigenous populations typically tend to lead more eco-friendly lifestyles and use the resources available to them to live their daily lives. They are known to have eco-surviving wisdom that has developed over centuries of watching and co-existing with one another. When it comes to sustainability in our world, there are so many think we can and should learn from these indigenous populations.


5 ways indigenous populations are encouraging sustainable development:

1.We have all the resources we need already

When it comes to sustainable development, we should never deplete the natural resources we have available to us. In the last couple of decades, we have torn through so many natural resources that they are now hard to come by. This doesn’t make for a sustainable future, meaning we must make a change to do better for the future of our planet. We should learn from these indigenous populations and use the renewable resources we have available to use every day such as water, wind, wood, sun, and wave energy. These are all things we already have, and what we should be using instead of creating more waste.

2.We must make decisions that will create a quality of life for generations to come

Right now, everyone thinks in the present, not the future. Most indigenous populations are always thinking ahead to their future, and they make every single decision based on what the future holds. We as a society need to follow in their footsteps and start considering all aspects and make decisions that will better suit the future generations that will cross paths with these decisions we make.


3.We must tend the land we have, and only use it for nourishment

The concept of sustainability is not new to indigenous populations, so why is it new for us? When we have something as valuable as land, we must use it to our advantage and use it only for nourishment, not pleasure, just like these indigenous populations do. We aren’t able to add more land to our planet, so let’s be responsible for what we have and learn to make the most out of it.

4.We should always be thankful for what we have

Ahhh, my favorite lesson on sustainable development from indigenous populations. Everyone these days is so obsessed with one-upping on another. We should focus on what we have, and be thankful for it. If we constantly feel pressured to have the new and the now, how can we ever have sustainable development?

5.We must embrace the concept of survival

We live in a world where people value new things. We must learn from these populations and steer away from that mindset and remind ourselves that the only way to create sustainable development is to learn to survive with what we already have. Using what we already have available to us is the heart of sustainability, and we as a society need to better listen to our indigenous populations when it comes to this lesson.
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