Bamboo Wood Shaver: Is This The Perfect Shaving Tool

Bamboo Wood Shaver: Is This The Perfect Shaving Tool

There are several beauty related substitutions you can make to reduce your environmental impact, from using reusable cotton rounds to washing with package-free shampoo bars. However, on industry that has been hesitant to adopt green practices is shaving. Shavers are one of the most wasteful goods we use on a daily basis. Conventional Shavers are mostly constructed of plastic.

Reusable Wood Shavers are only good for a few shaves before the blades are discarded, but disposable shavers are usually discarded after one usage. This trash accumulates and fills our landfills. Fortunately, sustainable shavers are the perfect solution to this.
Finding the perfect shaver for a bump-free shave might be a never-ending challenge. If you’re looking for a sustainable solution, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the options. That’s why we are here. A bamboo safety shaver makes it simple to get a long-lasting and smooth shave.

Is it preferable for women to use a safety shaver?

Despite what large cosmetic firms may attempt to persuade you, men and women have precisely the same skim. That implies we may use the same shaver, whether it’s a safety shaver or not. There is no such thing as a female or male safety shaver; they are all unisex. Both men and women should moisten their skin first and use a shaving gel or hair conditioner. Furthermore, if you have sensitive skin, you should moisturize afterwards as normal.
The blade of a standard double edge safety shaver is sharper than disposal counterparts. However, using a DE razor makes it more difficult to cut oneself. As long as you take it gently and gradually until you get the feel of it. In addition, the finest safety shaver for beginners is one that has a protective shield over the head to prevent knicks.
Traditional shaving is done with your safety shaver. Since the 18th century, people have been using safety razors. However, when they initially appeared on the beauty scene, they were only employed by barbers. After all, as previously said, these blades are renowned for their sharpness. But, during the last two centuries, unisex safety razors have evolved for us at home. Furthermore, we believe our wood safety shaver is anything but old fashioned.

5 reasons why you should consider switching to a unisex eco-friendly safety Wood Shaver

1.A more sustainable shave

Ladies, if you want to make your beauty routine more ecologically friendly, you need a bamboo safety shaver. Every year, it is estimated that two billion disposable shavers are tossed into landfills, where they contribute to plastic pollution. Recycling centers refuse because of the materials used to make them and because they are sharp things. DE razor blades, on the other hand, may be recycled. You only need to find a recycling facility that accepts them.

2.Gentle on the skin

In contrast to cartilage shavers, our bamboo/ wood shaver has a single blade. While this blade is sharper than a cartridge blade, it is also considerably soft on the skin. Modern disposable shavers with many blades have tendency to remove the top layer of skin or slice the hair at an awkward angle. This can result in unsightly ingrown hairs, razor burn, and uncomfortable pimples. Meanwhile, your nice sharp safety shaver effortlessly chops the hair in one swoop.

3.More sanitary

Another advantage of using double-edged blades is that they produce less drag on the skin. When you shave with a disposal, multi-blade shaver, the residue drags along your skin. This jams the blades with soap, hair, and skin - neither pleasant nor sanitary. This is not an issue with a safety blade.


Disposable shavers are full of superfluous frills like smooth moisturising strips, soap wedges, and extra blades. None of them are required; they are simply marketing ploys to persuade you that you require their good. Furthermore, half of these particles contribute to the previously described residue. A bamboo safety shaver an decent shaving soap return you to basic conventional shaving procedures.

5.A more pleasant shaving experience

Bamboo/Wood safety shavers are precision-engineered so that you don’t have to apply too much pressure, merely a gentle touch on your skin. For the most pleasant shave, be sure to hold it at a 45-degree angle!
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